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Originally Posted by E92_SID View Post
I can vouch for the OEM Bettalink glue. That shit is strong! There is no way in hell that thing is coming off intentionally or not. I dont see how people use tape. The contact surface of the spoiler isnt very big to apply tape. And the down-force (little as it may be) seems like it would rip the spoiler right off.. That being said, I have seen several posters on here who swear by the tape, and also several that have had their spoiler fly off on the freeway. I have never seen anybody lose a spoiler when using Bettalink. Mine has been on my car for 2 years and is still strong as ever. The car has even been through high pressure washes with no problem.

I chose to paint just the top of my spoiler so that it flows with the car more and doesnt look like something I just slapped on. To each its own though. I like that you can still see the CF from the back.

Cool Tag! Do you or Anyone out there knows if I can put the performance rear spoiler on an E93 M3! I love that spoiler but I can't seem to find one for my car