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Originally Posted by Litos View Post
eh, 26 could be late 20'sish lol.

26 was my first pop tart - i think i was older when i had oatmeal.

but here is the cool backstory, bro.

i grew up in the trailer park - only mexican kid there.

oatmeal was too white for us to eat and pop tarts were to expensive and cosidered a "luxury".

my mom would never think about making us food from a box, so the only time i saw hamburger helper was during those stupid commercials on tv with the white glove acting like an asshole....

we would eat eggs, home made tortillas, cereal, pancakes, chorizo and other stuff for breakfast.

for dinner we would eat some more home made stuff made from either chicken, fajita steak, rice or beans.

rice and beans is still one of my favorite dishes - just a freaking plate of mexican rice and home made beans
chorizo+eggs with homemade tortillas de maiz pretty much best breakfast ever...fellow mexican here