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Originally Posted by Tsuyoi View Post
At this point, since both BMWNA and BMW of Fremont have failed to accurately diagnose the problem and have blown you off, I'd consider threatening legal action. This may be difficult if you do not have any evidence whatsoever of the original problem and BMW's response. Do you have any old emails that you can use?

Essentially use the evidence from the new dealership, contact the original one, and tell them either they pay for the repairs, or you'll sue them for intentionally lying to you about the condition of your car.
Dealership against dealership is not a proper way; plus it would not stand in court.
If the guy wants to take legal action, the vehicle must be "diagnosed" by a court expert.
The expert is going to put down the whole case in a written form and then he should talk through a lawyer. As he already told you, he was not trated seriously by BMW America; the word of the dealer was golden; and the dealer was just trying to steal him ("BMW America gives more? I take more").

Otherwise, repair by second dealer, be quiet and change the car for a new one.