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i had an E90 M3 for 3 years... loved it... thought i'd never like any other car!

after 3 months with my Msport F30 335, yes I love the car, it's certainly not an M3, certainly not nearly as thirsty as the M3, and i have noticed after detailing it a couple of times that there are less parts in this car. seems like they stripped the car down a lot of unnecessary plastic components, covers, etc. the car seems to me upon closer inspection of suspension, under the hood, and interior, that there are less moving parts (for example has only 1 belt vs 2 on the S65) the cabin air intake is not as obtrusive into the engine bay, i haven't found it yet... wheel has the felt lining, makes for an easier pressure cleaning, and just little things i've noticed on the car that makes me realize that it wasn't necessary on the E90. and I like the addition of a better, smoother, more aerodynamic undercarriage including plastic covers on the rear control arms.

i also love the fact that i only have to fill up once about every week and a half versus twice per week with the M3! now if that's because i like driving in eco pro and trying to get my mileage over 500mi per tank or i just had too much fun in the M3, I don't really know the answer there...

in eco pro with cruise control at 65mph (8sp sport auto) i have seen 40+ mpg on the dash!! with my 6MT E90 M3, the best i saw at that speed was 22-24mpg if i was LUCKY... at 100mph with cruise control and eco pro i get about 28-32mpg whereas with the M3 i was more around 14-17mpg again if i was LUCKY...

also, I think the gas tank is a gallon smaller?

hmm what else... the sport seats are WAY more comfortable for my body than the M3 seats were. the shoulder area on the M3 seats made my shoulders shrug inward, whereas with the F30, i'm able to relax my back and not feel like the seat is pushing my shoulders forward. also something that bugged me about the E90 was the power seats never went low enough for me... (yes i like to drive low, but not laid back...) the F30 seat i can get just a perfect position.

Also, it seems like BMW is now using a different material for their soft-touch rubberized plastics which ALWAYS start peeling after about 2-3 years in any E9X car, and now it seems to be a more durable approach that isn't as "rubbery".

the Msport wheel in the F30 feels just as nice as the E90 M3 wheel!

the car is VERY quiet compared to me E90 M3 that had catless Active Autowerke exhaust....

IMO! the 8spd Sport auto is better than the 7spd DCT, seems to be more responsive under downshifting and shift speed is just as fast if not faster, and 1 extra gear is nice. compared to the E9x steptronic it's a world of a difference...

my E90 M3 only made 337 HP after spending thousands... my F30 seems to be around 260 so with a tune and some bolt ons it will certainly be better than the M3 with all the bolt ons...

the updated nav is so much better (i had 2008 nav in the e90)