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Originally Posted by DLSJ5 View Post

I didn't spend 13K, Jon. I think you need to spend quite a bit on the 335I as well to get 430WHP on 91. If there's anyone out there that can get those #'s, it's Sherwin, I have tons of respect for him, a very cool cat and I bet he's sold a tune of procede's for Vishnu, it's a shame that he doesn't have V2 yet, but since he's not local I guess it makes a "little" sense.

Good times Sherwin, the FMIC looks outstanding, we'll set up another meet soon. I have little doubt that in the near future you will be right there with me or ahead. :rocks:
Hey there! Yeah I just threw that number there based on some retail pricing and labor. I'm sure you got some better pricing though which is a big plus. I saw you ran at German Invasion and was impressed in the times you were getting.