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God's Warriors

I'm interested in discussing, RESPECTFULLY, with those who have seen it, the CNN special. Seeing it is not a requirement though.

I saw about 45 minutes of the Jewish slant on Tuesday, caught about 90 minutes last night (with a doze in the middle) and look forward to seeing how the Christians screw up as well.

Throughout, I keep hearing the dicotomy of that phrase: God's Warriors. Does God really need mortal warriors to battle other mortals?

The Jewish segment seemed to be primarily a battle over land, specifically Jerusalem. But I think they would take almost anywhere that they could be free and not persecuted for their beleifs, not at all an uncommon desire. I fail to perceive (and maybe that is part of the plan) a quest for world domination or spreading of the religion. They consider themselves God's Chosen, there is no need to force themselves on the Gentiles.

On the Muslim front, I am beginning to understand some of the hatred of the west. I can't say as I condone it or anything, but begin to understand. There is the perception that the west is invading. Not necessarily always in a military way, but the ideas and customs of the west are infringing on the Muslim way of life in many areas 9cell phones, women uncovered and with makeup, no breaks to pray 5x/day in the workplace.

One theme that seems to be a fundamental difference is the desire for martyrdom that seems to be prevalent in many of the youth.

The other event that seems to belong to the violence-prone portion fo the community is the following not of Allah, but of men who claim to be faithful to Allah. OBL and his crew seem to be highly influenced by the writings/preaching of Qutb. There was also a large group devoted to the idea of the Hidden Imam. Is this another prophet I know nothing about? Or is he just another martyr that is held up as a rallying point for violence, sort of an eye for an eye? If I understood correctly, his family was tortured not by Christians, but Muslims.

I have to say I initially had HUGE respect for the Jihadist who were fighting peacefully, like the young woman who chose fight her battle within western society by adopting and clinging to her religious faith, despite the hardships of doing such in the modern free-trade environment of the west. Then as I watched I became somewhat disappointed. She says, apparently contrary to what my brothers have told me here, that Allah WANTS her to cover her body. And at the last, her comments about "Why would *I* want that, why would *I* want men other than my husband to look at me" she seems to have just missed the mark that it's about what GOD wants, not what she wants.

Anyway, join me if you wish, and lets see how bad teh Christians screw up tonight