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Originally Posted by manari06 View Post
Hey guys I'm more than interested in getting the OEM mod on my new ///M that would give me time to save more cash for the Akra Evo Exhaust. My ride is at Pentagon and will start the demo period this coming week. 10 weeks and a wake up till I'm back in garrison!!!

I tried getting a moded Exhaust from the states but after my bad experience with PYspeed on the wheels I ordered for my ride I don't wanna risk odering any big item from the states. I will travel any distance to get it done M3Freak is holding me an OEM Exhaust he has sitting at his place so I will be using that one for the mod and saving my new one.

PM the info to the shop. Thanks guys.
I am getting it done at a shop in Weiden. If I get mine done before you get back you can just paypal me and I will take yours in when I do. I know M3FREAK, he is a buddy of mine. They do the mod and then paint it matte black with a high temp paint. Seems to have good results from the guys I have seen it done to.

I am thinking of having the mod done where they completely cancel out the middle of the exhaust can and just do straight pipe almost in a way. I also purchased some black chrome tips to remove the matte look.

Here is a link: