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I had Mike tune my car several weeks ago. I was running a Vishnu Proceed with Meth before, but it was time for a change. Mike sent me a cable after a brief text conversation and a paypal transaction. My cable arrived 3 days later and I would have been ready to tune except my car was at the dealership for a bad wheel bearing (explained in another thread). I got my car back at 6:30 p.m and Mike was remote tuning my car by 8:30. Customer service is definitely one of BPMsports' strong points. The remote tuning was very simple on this end. Load the tuning software, load a remote access software, and plug in the cable. First Mike loaded the latest BMW firmware on the car (optional). Then he loaded his tune:

91 OCT (El Paso sucks)
4500 rpm warm up redline
Catless w/cold start and SES delete
Launch Control for 6MT

The launch control can be set wherever you like it. I have it set at 3500. I'd like to experiment with 4-4.5, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to maintain traction. It works like a champ though. At a stop you keep your clutch pedal fully pressed to the floor and just slam on the gas. The car will hold 3500 rpm until you feather out the clutch, then off you go.

The tune is as everyone else has posted. Very smooth and a significant improvement over the factory settings. As for whether it's better than the Proceed with meth, there's pros and cons.

Customer Service
Flash based tune, so no interfering with the ECU/DME signal or wiring
Cold Start Delete
Warm up RPM limiting
Launch Control
No meth required
The SES has not reared its ugly head

About a 8-10 hp reduction and any other benefits from not running meth (not proven by a dyno; the only dyno I've found in El Paso is not very good)

Mike also did the coding on my M3. I wrote a review on that in the Review forum. Since then, I was able to test the limits of the Euro MDM at an autocross weekend. I ran MDM on every run. I was able to push the car right to the limit of cornering without interference and when things got out of hand, and on a couple corners, it did, the DSC interfered and saved me from spinning out. The Euro MDM is a must.
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