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Originally Posted by JoshuaWong1989 View Post
Just curious about actual gains, I currently have a Dinan tune.
I was looking into the turner motorsport tune and they claim a 40hp gain!
When I had my E46 M3, I got the DMS tune. The tune gave me 2 kw shy of what the CSL produced. I didn't feel a thing with this tune. The car drove as normal, and I don't know whether they actually tuned the car to be honest. I didn't get an opportunity to dyno the car.

When I went for the BPM tune through Mike, it was not about what the gain was. I closely followed the post where people had received this tune, and it was all about driveability. That's what I wanted. I wanted something different from stock.

Also I wanted "something" that I can use all the time, and not once in a while.

That's what I have got now. You can feel "something" through all the rpm range, and that "something" only your right foot can feel and experience. It's just amazing. To be honest, you need to experience it. Let me put it like this, and if someone out there with the same correct me if I am wrong, the car is eager to respond at all time even if you flex your tiny toe. Then your brain tells you that you can feel a new sensation. Instantaneous response. And guess what, it is all the time. I am merely stating what others have said through my experience with my own words. If I gain KW/torque then that's a bonus.

After driving the car in sports mode since I got the car, I now drive in normal mode. Doesn't that say something.

As you know, I've had the car for over five years now, and just wanted to feel something different. Actually it's like driving a different car.

By the way, I have no affiliation, and like all others, I too paid good $$ and full price for my tune. I have nothing to gain out of this. I am only sharing my experience.

It also goes to show, you don't have to be a world renowned tuner to produce something like this. I think also what it comes down to is, Mike drives his ///3 on a daily basis (so he said), which means he is his own customer and knows what exactly he wants. He's constantly striving to improve. This is a win-win for us at the end of the day.
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