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Originally Posted by lorinzo View Post
Just did mine for new opener.

1. Cleared out car memory buttons by pushing and holding right and left buttons for about 20 seconds.

2. Held garage door remote close to rear view mirror and simultaneously pushed and held the button and memory button 1 until light flashed rapidly.

3. Went to garage door opener and pushed "learn" button.

4. Back to car and pushed memory button 1.

Best of luck.
Originally Posted by M3forMe View Post
I have the rolling code kind of opener. I tried exactly like the video, pressing 3 times. I have even tried the non rolling code method with my remote just to give it a go.

Nothing. I am at a loss.
I've had frustrations with this before as well. For me the hang up seemed to be step 4. You need to hold the car's homelink button down for a few seconds during step 4 while programming, instead of just pushing and releasing.
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