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Originally Posted by paradocs98 View Post
This. The key is that they're winter tires and not just snow tires. You still get a significant benefit by running them in cold, dry conditions. The tread compound remains soft at cold temps and continues to grip the road. Performance summer tires in cold temperatures become like hard plastic rollers. With a performance winter tire like the Dunlops, you're getting better traction than Pilot Super Sports even in the dry as long as it's cold outside. I generally put my winters on right before Thanksgiving, when it's consistently 45 or cooler.

Knowing this, it amuses me to see SUVs running around on big aftermarket wheels and summer tires during the winter. Even when the road is dry, but the temperature is 35, they're like an elephant on roller skates. And if it snows or gets slushy, forget about it. 4wd won't help your 5500lb pig stop or turn when you're running on the wrong tires in winter conditions.

On the other hand, when I see a car around town with winter tires on this time of year, I think, "There's a person who knows what they're doing."