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Easy access is another big problem. It's too easy in most states for anyone to get their hands on fire arms without proper screening. In most states it's easier for a young person to own assault weapons than it is for that same individual to obtain a drivers license. Getting access to guns is rediculously easy in most states in this country. That has to stop.
This isn't quite true. I'm not sure about all states and cities, etc.. but most of the ones i know of this is not the case.

I can get a drive's license in a matter of hours with minimal cash. If i want to buy an "assault weapon" (which is a stupid fucking term that fear mongers came up with; really, what weapon isn't made for assaulting?!?!) i would have to come up with at least $850, pass a FDLE back ground check, and then wait 3 days to pick up the weapon. Now if i'm a convicted criminal i can still obtain a DL but will not legally get my hands on a firearm.
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OMG more nutscape!