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Provide firearm safety screenings and mental health evaluations to prevent this. This incident really angers me, I like weapons, I would love to own a weapon but my wife says no. She's Japanese and even watching security forces on Travis AFB carry their M4s scare her because it's not a daily norm for her since Japan doesn't worship firearms like we do here in the States. People committing these crimes aren't criminals from the get go until they have a meltdown like we saw in Aurora this summer and now this event.

I like this argument that some have saying that it's necessary to defend against a tyrannical government, but what good would your peashooter do against a Reaper or an AC-130 flying miles up in the sky shooting down on you should such an event come to pass? What gets me the most is that the President went on TV to give a tearful statement about the event, what we should want from our President is to pass some legislation because after all, 5000+ kids die yearly in the US from gun violence and people have the nerve to call that freedom.

Just venting here because I have two small children I might just send them back to Japan if the situation across the country is completely fucked by the time they enter grade school. The time to talk is now and not later like Fox News and other media outlets prefer to do. The "War On Christmas" is not important, the war for the future safety of our children's future is.