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Originally Posted by 6spdg37s View Post
Do I put my winters on now?? black a7s with dunlop 3ds

I feel like the tire will perform much better in the cold then the PSS even if it doesn't snow? also itll b like 34 and rain so i feel like their better/safer to drive iwth... any issues with running them if it doesn't snow at all this winter??
Not at all, I am actually in a debate with a dip shut about winter tires and summer tires. You should keep the winters on, temps below 45F will leave the PSS useless. They harden due to the cold weather and become unsafe. The winter tire is the opposite, above 45F and they are useless and wear quickly becoming greasy like and zero traction because they are made of a softer compound designed to resist hardening from the cold weather. Safe bet is to stick with the winters until the sun and warmth come back.

I am in Germany and have been running a winter for a month now, we just had a few good winter storms come through and I am grateful I have the winters on.