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Originally Posted by LarThaL
I am still at a bit of a loss of how people in their early 20's can afford a new M3. Sure you have the occasional entrepreneurial genius, etc., but I am just curious to know exactly what kind of jobs people in their early 20's are getting to allow this. Even if you finish college at 21, you need a few years of savings to get somewhat settled, no? And are people really getting 6 figure salaries immediately out of undergrad?

I know some of it may be priorities. I would never buy a new M3, for instance, if I didn't have a proper garage to keep it in, which means that I would have to have a decent house first.

Just curious.
I have learned the value of a dollar at a young age and have been working 60 to 80 hour weeks since I was about 16. Did I miss out on some fun with friends? Yea maybe, but that was the sacrifice I made to have nice things. I have bought my own house and yes, I do have a single car garage to put it in. I would never spend nearly 80k for a car and not put it in a garage. I also did not start out with a 6 figure salary. Good budgeting, and hard work keeps the bills paid and money in my pocket.