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Originally Posted by radiantm3 View Post
Yea 30lb BBS wheels make so much more sense. Fact is TE37's are one of the best wheels you can buy period.

With that said, I'm not a fan of white wheels in general but it definitely doesn't look bad.
True to a point.

TE37s have been around since the 1990s and early 2000s. Very old wheel that Rays keeps producing since we keep buying them.

IMO they need to reintroduce the SE37K or SE37 bronze line for this car. This was the best setup back in the day. When you had these on your widebody NSX nobody even looked at the shitty TE37 wheel, me included.

OP, they look ok. I would run the whites for a few weeks again just to get that different taste in my mouth then back to Magnesium blue.