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Originally Posted by GewoW View Post
I agree with what youre saying to a certain extent, but i maintain my point of view. If you are beginning to learn how to track a car, your speeds should not be high and your braking should be early and slower. In a 20 minute session, you will not make the stock pads fade. I guess its also track dependent, but still. By all means, buy better pads. Have them in case you need them, but stick to the stock. When you start noticing fade, change them. This would also give you a physical indication of the fact that you are faster and braking harder.

I would also like to specify that my advice applies to someone who has NEVER tracked before. If you have already been on a track woth another car and understand the intricacies of this passtime, then by all means yes...start with better pads.
Beginners dragging the brakes can stress the pads out more than a good driver braking quick and hard. And how does switching to less expensive ST pads "waste money"? I've had green students fade their brakes in various cars, it isn't unusual depending on the track.