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Originally Posted by PSUSMU View Post
Engineering takes DEDICATION.
But s it worth it?
Why not take that time and energy and get your series 7 out of the way and work as an FM and well like I said do better and be around better smelling people? And maybe double your income?

That's what i'm trying to ask you OP.
Yeah it's fun being mean to engineers, and it's so much fun to see engineers get all hissy pissy and passive aggressive and it does give me great pleasure...maybe i'm just a bully.

But what I'm asking you is this, have you sat down and really given it a good amount of thought? As things go you may end up being "stuck" in a field you may not really enjoy.

So sit down, think of what you want your future to be like....and the people you want to be around and how much risk you wish to take Vs how much money you want to make and go from there ok?

And once you have that figured out, make your choice.

Also...maybe you can visit a local engineering cube farm walk around and see if it's your thing.