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Originally Posted by Dave07997S View Post
The Torco race fuel concentrate does turn the plugs a nice orange but I don't think it damages them at all. I know guys with Shelby GT500s and C5/6 Vettes that are in the 600-800rwhp range that use Torco race fuel concentrate to probably a higher level than you did with no detriment. From my understanding the plugs start to lose efficiency even without the fuel concentrate at around the 18-20k mark anyway.

The Torco stuff is pretty good...

Yes that is what many say but it comes down to how often you use it. Mine were orange and I indeed get a misfire and changed them out and it was fine. I now use actual torco race fuel mixed with gas so its not an issue but I have no certain answer on whether or not the torco conenctrate causes decrease in plug function as long as there is no misfire.

Wonder if someone can explain why a fresh set of plugs can make such a difference?