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Still turns heads!!!......

So it is winter here in New England. Haven't been driving the M3 as much. We had some salt down on the roads a short while ago, and while there is no snow on the ground where I am, the tires aren't good in cold weather.

Anyway, yesterday was a little warmer and the weather was clear so I had the M3 out. I am still amazed at the attention the car gets.

I had one guy in an Audi A6 pull next to me at a light, roll down his window, and gave me all sorts of compliments, thumbs up, etc. etc.

Then, a guy in a 3-series coupe almost came to a dead stop in the middle of an intersection while turning as he just stared at my car. Honestly could have caused a serious accident. You would've thought my M3 was a naked woman or something !!

Just wanted to share.

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