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Originally Posted by GregW / Oregon View Post
I changed mine today at 8k miles (in 8 1/2 months) -- Service Indicator is showing 8k to service.

I used ramps at the rear, and jacked the front fromt the central jack point and supported the front on jack stands at the suspension arm pivot points. I noticed when the filter is removed there is about 1/10 liter of oil in the bottom of the housing. I used my MityVac to suck it out, though you could use an old turkey baster. I poured about the same amount of fresh oil into the bottom before reinstalling the filter.

I put in 8 1/4 liters before restarting the car. It took quite a while to get a reading, and was then showing near the bottom of ths scale with a "+1" notation. I added another 1/2 liter, but was unable to get a different reading in the garage. I'll check it again after driving.

The car always seems to run better after an oil change--pyscholocical, I know, but it makes you feel good.

Edit: The electronic oil monitoring system and lack of a dipstick continue to frustrate me. If the system were secondary, that's fine, but why do away with the dipstick? After putting in 8.75 liters (stated capacity is 8.8) and driving a couple times, the system is still telling me to add 1 quart -- would you trust it? If it had a disptick there would be no question. Just really stupid!
hi greg i have a question, after all the oil has been changed does the car automatically change itself to say change the oil next 8000 miles or whatever it is. what i mean is, you know how the car tells you the amount of miles before oil has to be changed on the idrive, do you have to reset this somehow, or does it do it itself? sorry for the questions but im new to this any help would be appreciated it thanks