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Originally Posted by MRV99 View Post
I have programed a few different doors to homelink in 3,5,x5 and I have had my struggles.

1) I just because your remote opens your garage door, does not mean it will work to sync your homelink. This may be a confusing statement, but I have 3 remotes for my garage and I can only program my cars(homelink) with 1 of the remotes. The other two WILL NOT code my BMW's, wierd I know.

2) are you continuously and simultaneously holding the buttons down and at close proximity? just checking...

3) If you have the ability, you may want to have a second person. On one garage door, I had my wife push the learn button while i pushed the homelink.

4) On my 08 550, i had to push and hold the homelink button 3 times for 3 seconds each for it to recognize (while the learn button on the garage door was on).

There is one more thing. How old is your garage door? I remember reading that there are some new garage doors which will not work with the Homelink. You have to get a secondary receiver which sync's with the garage door and then you sync the homelink with the secondary receiver. If you go to the homelink site, you can find more information.

I hope this helps

I hope this helps.
Thanks for the response. I will try again today. I have tried everything so far that has been suggested. I have spent hours on this thing and really just gave help.

I will try these new ideas today and let you know.