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Originally Posted by spdy330 View Post
This does look amazing but what does something like this cost? I only ask because wouldnít it be cheaper to just repaint a few pieces if need rather than do this?
In fact it would'nt only be a few pieces that would need to be repaint, you need to know that I take full advantage of the sportiness that the M3 offers even in winter, which means, I pass a rear set of tires every winter! Last year was the first winter I drove it and the front bumper, the hood, the side skirts and the flares behind each wheels really took a hit!

Plastidip cost me less then painting just a bumper and it gives me that peace of mind when driving my car in rough conditions + it's like having a new car and change is always fun!

P.s. I'm also a big freak about keeping the paint original!