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Originally Posted by samchoi604 View Post
You rather some crazy dude come at you with a molotov cocktail or a fucking ak47?

You gun nuts have had your heads in your asses for way too long. How many more massacres is it going to take for you to wake the damn up. It's time to put a ban on this bullshit.

You really think mental therapy with Dr. Joe Blow for 30 minutes a week is going to fix these psychopaths? Give me a break. Metal detectors? Harsher penalties? Gosh.
So what do you suggest? Bad all guns? You know meth, cocaine, etc are illegal and people don't seem to have a problem getting their hands on it. Maybe let's just ban schools instead so there will be no more school shootings.

Also, it appears that this kid was using pistols and not an ak47. A common 9mm handgun will kill someone just the same as an assault rifle...

Sorry to turn this into a gun debate thread I just had to comment on this rash and ignorant post. I agree with others saying we need to do more to identify these people as potential threats and for mental illness. Seems like there are always warning signs that close friends and family members notice before someone does something like this.

Terrible terrible tragedy. I can't fathom how someone could do something like this.