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Originally Posted by Endless619 View Post
Guys guys, before you get your panties in a bunch the 350hp is rated, meaning it wont be near that number on a dyno. We would be looking at around 300hp-310hp if that. Yeah it will have more tq but remember this is the poor mans Porsche. They look great but an entry level car. Thats a fact.

I already went down this route last year looking at these and just could not justify buying it so went with the M3. Much better choice.
The Cayman is a superior platform and is a much better looking car IMO than the 911. It is pure traditionalism with regards to what Porsche is doing with the 911.

For under $100k, you can get a Cayman S with a high degree of performance options and customization from the factory, ceramic brakes and all. Other than straight line power, this car simply rocks. And, given its weight, and minimal driveline loss, it will still be plenty fast. The previous gen Cayman R ran 0-60 in the mid 4's, similar to an M3, so this one should be the same or a tad better.
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