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OP, I had a similar experience but not with PSSes.

My car came with CSC3s. They were/are the grippiest tires I've ever used. Stuck like glue in all conditions.

I bought a set of near-new (lot miles) ZCP take offs with Pirelli P-Zeros (one of the OEM tires). From day one I put them on I felt like I was driving on glass. Had the tires checked, no visual issue. Had alignment checked, also perfect. But anytime I'd take a turn at a speed where the CSCs wouldn't even complain the rear would try to go on me. I went from seeing the DSC light flash once or twice in a year on the CSC3s during normal street driving to see it flash every time I drove the car; and the only thing I changed was tires, from one original M3 fitment to another.

Could never figure it out so I trashed them with 3/4 of their tread left. I have a theory that there must be bad lots of tires out there. Ever notice how some people describe the M3 as being "so tail happy" and others are left scratching their heads because it's hard to break the tires free even in 1st gear with DSC off (my CSC3s)? Maybe there is a higher degree of lot-to-lot variance in tire compound than you'd expect. I don't know how you'd ever prove it when the tires look visually perfect.

I definitely know how you feel -- especially when everybody else is giving rave reviews.

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