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Originally Posted by MP0WER View Post
Somewhat like logical arguments on this board....

But your right. Kids these days are under a tremendous amount of pressure to "fit in" with ever lessening guidance and affection from parents. Couple that with the amount of dramatic violence for entertainment kids get these days and instead of getting a suicide note and an overdose you get a mass shooting and gunshot to the head.

It's easy for everyone to say that these things wouldn't happen if there were no guns. But in reality no one knows that to be true. It could cause much worse things to happen such as diesel and fertilizer bombs, etc...

We can't make a perfect society where murders don't happen and people don't snap and go crazy. As nice as that sounds, there will always be people who want to watch the world burn.

Something widely overlooked in these discussions is the lack of serious consequences for the perps who don't off themselves like a coward. The Aurora punk is still waiting trial. WTF for. I hate to say it but if they take people like that out back and put them in front of the firing squad it may effect the willingness of others to commit the same crime. And before someone says that wouldn't deter people, then what makes you think stricter gun laws would deter them?
Agree ..automatic death penalty,.thats the deterent thats needed. But with the legal process the way it is they spend years going from a court to a jail cell before even serving time