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funny thing is that the second week of my son being in K this year, they had an emergency "stranger danger" drill while i was picking him up early.

i signed him out at the principal's office and walked about 20 feet to his classroom.

i closed the door and made Carlitos tell all of his friends bye - we took less than 20 paces and heard the bell go off 3 times.

i personally didn't know what was happening, but then a teacher's aid came out of the office and told me "this is a drill, take him back into the classroom and secure ya'llselves in there with the teacher".

so i rushed him about 20 feet back through his teacher's door.

Mrs Lee had all the kids lined up against the wall, in a corner of the room where none of the kids could be seen from the window of the door.

some of the kids were nervous but only 1 girl started crying because she was scared.

she explained to them what was happening and what they should do in an event that "someone was outside the classroom wanting to hurt them".

teacher's and counselors looked legit in the way they were conducting this drill - i was very impressed with how structured they were - and how well they communicated.

never paid that much attention to it until i heard what happened this afternoon.......