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Originally Posted by W/// View Post
So cool though. I think the proportions on the E91 are perfect. Maybe I missed it earlier on the thread, but is this cosmetic, or full conversion?

Either way, congrats on finding an MT E91. Don't see that around very often. Keep us updated!
You didn't miss anything since I didn't say, but this was Stage 1 so it's just the body conversion. It ended up being much more difficult than expected, but definitely worth the trouble.

Yes it was NOT easy finding a MT E91. I had to search for months before I found one that was MT and rear wheel drive + LCI.

Originally Posted by Kriston View Post
So no s65
You are correct, no S65.. yet??

There are 3 options for engine:
1. S65
2. N54 with Vishnu Procede
3. LSx (yes I said it... LS motor!)

Opinions? I'm sure the engine topic will be an interesting discussion.

I still have new car warranty so.. hopefully this cosmetic work doesn't cause any issues (knock on wood). I was planning on waiting out the end of the warranty before I work on engine since I only have 30k~ miles on the clock and a year left on warranty.
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