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Originally Posted by ussoldierforhire View Post
Anywhere in my post did I say that I used proper cycles? No. If you're going to cite percentages and "facts" why don't you post your research data verify your claims, otherwise you're just spreading hearsay and YOUR opinion.

If the OP wants to use test boosters, that's his call. I just stated my personal experience with them. If he wants to listen you that all will be ok if he uses proper PCT, then let him think that. You mess with your body and nature, you cannot guarantee the outcome.
My point exactly, you did not post that you used a proper cycle or not. Therefore leaving the uninformed to draw a conclusion that even if using properly can leave your hormones out of whack for life. My point is that if you use pro-hormones/AAS do research first so you don't end up like you and on TRT for life. Properly done cycles will have a less adverse effect on your natural test levels.