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Originally Posted by dondula View Post
Thanks all for the advise.. My dealer price matched a price I got off the net. $440 which is great that they did that for me.. I love the look of the raw carbon, would never paint it.

I was told by my dealer once this spoiler is installed, to only use touch less car washes and to be careful with it..

Don't really need to use the tape because I will turn the car in with the spoiler, won't want it anymore as my next car will prob be the new m4 and this one wont fit

Has anyone had any issues with their spoiler using the beta link glue? Just how strong can this glue be?
Hope my dealer does I nice job installing it. They said they have done a few of them.
I can vouch for the OEM Bettalink glue. That shit is strong! There is no way in hell that thing is coming off intentionally or not. I dont see how people use tape. The contact surface of the spoiler isnt very big to apply tape. And the down-force (little as it may be) seems like it would rip the spoiler right off.. That being said, I have seen several posters on here who swear by the tape, and also several that have had their spoiler fly off on the freeway. I have never seen anybody lose a spoiler when using Bettalink. Mine has been on my car for 2 years and is still strong as ever. The car has even been through high pressure washes with no problem.

I chose to paint just the top of my spoiler so that it flows with the car more and doesnt look like something I just slapped on. To each its own though. I like that you can still see the CF from the back.
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