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Originally Posted by W/// View Post
I agree that it was within the rules (shoudln't be though), but it's not fair for everyone that was reshuffled.

Had a lot of respect for Alonso fighting until the last second, but my god I hate Ferrari. They really do remind me of the Italian soccer teams. What a bunch of divas (and divers)
I see it from both sides. Lots of $$$ rides on the results and position of each team at the end of the season, and if it makes the difference between a WDC and the first-place-loser, every-other-team would have filed for further review. It wasn't a completely unbased request, and had a bit of merit. Glad it was resolved and no results were altered.

I enjoy watching Ferrari on their hind-legs, with limited ability to pour resources and time to develop their car, they really are playing catchup. Their aero-team certainly lags behind RedBull/Mclaren, and their only strength was their reliability. They made better strategic decisions when it counted most (their biggest flaw in the previous years) and I was more than happy to see them fighting for the top few spots in the race. I feel it gives hope to the sport knowing that you don't need the fastest 4 cars to contend for the WDC--where reliability and strategy can make or break a team in contention.

Love the rain. More for next season please. I was hoping for Mercedes to be in the mix this year.. hopefully Lotus and Mercedes can pull their programs together and be more competitive. My dreams of seeing MSC vs HAM vs VET vs ALO vs RAI vs BUT dreams didn't quite pan out.

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