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valvetronic vs ITB throttle response

So I owned a n52 engined e60 and recently have had several 1 and 3 series with the n52 and the valvetronic tech where supposedly the throttle body is left wide-open and the cylinder filling is done at the valve itself as a control so in essence you eliminate the vacuum and pumping losses as well as the delay of getting air from the intake plenum into the cylinder because of having to go through the throttle body partly hopened.

Hypothetically given the air is sitting RIGHT by the valve waiting to flow in, vs ITB the air is still further down the system but still has to pass through its intake runner and to the valve.

Yet the s65 m3 has SO much sharper and instant throttle response and the n52 while good is by no means "instant" like the bmw.

Wondering why in a NA car that valvetronic would not be more sharp and instant in terms of throttle response.