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Originally Posted by bigjae1976 View Post
The Stoptech pads are OK for the track but IMO a dedicated high temp track pads are the way to go. If for no other reason it gives you a forced opportunity to check your brakes, suspension, and tires before and after. Just like tires, need the right pad for the right application. Stoptech specifies light track use...not sure what that means. So I guess they will work if you drive lightly? But E9Xs are heavy pigs and your front brakes take a beating. Better safe with pads built for use at the track than sorry with fading brakes if you ask me.

PF01s are good but don't last very long on the OEM brakes. If cost is a concern, I'd look at a high temp endurance pad like a Pagid Yellow or Performance Friction PFC08. There are many others out there.
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