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Originally Posted by AJ_MO View Post

Well at least I solved 1 issue...

One down one to Go! You really need to keep their feet to the "fire" so they fix your car.

I think you should really try the "+FM booster" fluid in your diff. Why not ask your dealer what they think? And they could change the fluid for you for free. Heck even with you paying for the diff fluid, its not that expensive. Probably under 150 euros for parts and labor.

IF you do put the "+FM booster" in your diff.... you will need to do about twenty RIGHT and LEFT turns in a parking lot at almost full lock to coat the LSD clutches with the fluid. Then drive the car for a few hundred miles before it fully takes effect. Once its used on a LSD, you should always use this fluid for the life of that diff.

Q). Have you ever had any work done on the rear diff or center drive shaft? Has the driveshaft ever been taken off? Or the flex disc(Guibo)?

Q). Has the vibration always been there? Or has it started all of a sudden?