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Originally Posted by Dozhdbog View Post
Also, please look at diesel-electric engines.

Same principles applies to the energy costs of an electric vehicle, they just happen to charge their batteries from a source other than onboard motor.

Also, at 12 cents a kilowatt hour, the costs are much less than how much petrol you'd use in an e90 over the same amount of miles. I think your math is off. As one reviewer stated, his 300 mile trip cost about 7 bucks. That same trip in an e90 will cost about 60.
Well, my math is not off. I used Tesla's fuel cost calculator on their website. Using my commute of 160 miles a day (I actually used 185 miles a day for running errands and such) and a Tesla s with the mid-range 60KW battery, the electric cost at .12 KWh is $6.28 per charge cycle. 194,000 miles devided by 185 miles per charge is 1,049 charges. 1,049 charges times $6.28 is $6,586 total cost for electricity for 194,000 miles.

I've spent $23,306 (7,212 gallons) of gasoline in the E90 for those 194,000 miles. Normal maintenance (i.e. no abmormal repairs) for the E90 is $8,706

So it breaks down like this:


Vehicle Cost (purchase price and loan cost)-------$39,554
Fuel Cost (real recorded data)----------------------$23,306
Maintenance (fluid changes, tires, brakes etc.)-----$8,706
Total Ownership Cost -------------------------------$71,566

Tesla S (Estimates):

Vehicle Cost (purchase price and loan cost)-------$69,892
Fuel Cost ($6.28 per charge, 1049 charges)--------$6,586
Maintenance (tires and brakes only)-----------------$5,600
Total Ownership Cost -------------------------------$82,078

Now considering the Tesla is closer in size to a 7-series and it works out in Tesla's favor (except the unknowns for maintenance and battery replacement/efficiency drop).