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Originally Posted by NJ 1161 View Post
No nothing fits from oem and they provide no top mount? The shaft is 15mm on the rear shock. Oem is 10mm so won't go through. If the oem sleeve was removed the shaft may fit through but when you tightened the bolt the rubber would just squash. Thus us why the sleeve needs to be in there. No nuts came with the kit. The stuff they sent was on the back of my complaint but I think they just chanced it and sent the stuff if a standard e92 which is different sizes ( too small still)
Just an "FYI" if you are able to install the bushings, you'll need to place the washers on the outside surfaces of the upper and lower stock rubber bushings - this is what allows you to preload the rear bushings.

I wonder if you're supposed to increase the hole diameter on the stock bushings and then slide them over the supplied metal sleeves before installing everything, including the washers, onto the new damper shaft?

At this point, given the manufacture's lack of support, personally I'd pull the suspension off of my car and send it back to them...if they can't address this simple issue, what's going to happen if you run into a major issue? There are a lot of other suspension options available for the e9x M3