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Originally Posted by krnnerdboy View Post
When I went to go buy my 302, the ford dealer wouldn't even let me test drive the car let alone unlock the door for me to sit in. Granted it was number 0225 of 3500. I waltzed on over to Mazda, knowing it was under the same ownership and spoke to the Internet sales dept there. And within 5 min we agreed to a deal. It was just awesome seeing the ford dealers faces as I drove it off the lot. But seriously, I have gotten the worst customer service from ford and Chevrolet in terms of taking me seriously as a buyer. One ford salesman asked if I was just kicking tires bc he has serious customers waiting for him, this was just 1 min after meeting the man. What a joke.
this infuriates me. luckily my local chevy and ford dealerships are super friendly

out of curiosity did you roll in the lot in your m6? because they would need to be missing half a brain to treat you that way if they saw your m6