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Originally Posted by tiato View Post

That document and your explanations of the Solo systems are a great resource. Thank you.

Being a long time Racepak IQ3 and traqmate user, the Solo DL is on my short list of dataloggers for next year. The other system on my list is a Pista MXL but at this writing I am exploring temporary/event based dash mounting solutions but at the end of the day the solo may be the solution for me less a key feature: shift lights. Been driving by the lights for 3 years and consider that a key element.

I loved racing/driving by the lights and looking at predictive lap timing. Any idea if external shift light integration is possible with the solo? Video wise I got a smartycam but was not happy with it during my initial outing earlier this year.
Currently, AiM does not offer an independent shift light cluster. All of its clusters are integrated with a dash, which you will have to mount right behind the steering wheel so that it's in your field of vision.

For 2013, the MXL is gone. It is being replaced by MXL2. MyChron3 is also being replaced by G-Dash. Both have shift light clusters.

I agree that the SmartyCam firmware/software could be hard to use, but typically once you have it set up, it works very well. For 2013, the new SmartyCam HD and its firmware will be much improved! If you have any questions setting up your SmartyCam, feel free to PM or email me.

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