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Originally Posted by slicer View Post
  • Look good / aggressive
  • Allow flexibility in spacer size without having to buy extended lugs
  • Last longer than lugs when you make frequent wheel changes

  • Harder to install wheels - I know everyone says that they make it easier! I find them harder to use because you have to line up the lug holes with the studs. Lining up the wheel holes with the studs while holding a heavy wheel in the air isn't "easy" IMO. On a car without studs, You can place the wheel on the hub and turn the wheel to line up the lug holes while it's balancing on the hub.
  • More difficult to replace than standard lugs (studs are put on with lock-tight and difficult to remove).
Pretty much this, except that I find it easier to swap wheels rather than harder. I'll also add that they need to be replaced every so often (up for debate how often) and OEM lugs don't really. I like mine a lot. I did like 8 wheel swaps last track event so I could rotate the slicks and keep them from cording the front left, and it doesn't take long at all with studs and an impact. Great mod for $200.