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Originally Posted by shah269 View Post
Ehhhh....god...well....aaahh....looks like the guy got lucky! Got the only single girl in the entire engineering department.
But isn't that like saying you got the least oldest least chewed piece of gum from the floor of the movie theater?

I have no idea why any one would ever consider going for engineering right now. The return on investment...both in capital and in time is just not worth it. Sure if you are near Eastern or far Eastern and you want your mom to brag to her cousins about how smart you are sure!
But then again she might as well be looking for a graduation wife for you as well.

Nah, as a hedge fund manager once put it while i was having a drink with a friend on stoner Street in NYC...
"the worst paid engineer here in the us makes 10 times what the best paid PhD Engineer makes in why hire in the US?"

Sure if you get a job for FedEx or one of the big oil companies or maybe pharma...but right not be looking so good.
Companies are making more money off their investments and pushing people to do more with less than they are from their innovations.
And by the time things do turn around.....hell it's the easiest job in the world to outsource.
Math is math be it here, china or vietnam or india. hell you don't even have to have an engineer who speaks's just numbers.

And to think you are out easily $25k+ a year for the education, 80 hours + for the studies and have lowered your standards where you are making out with some fugly thing in the library?

Ask your self is it worth it?

Hell no! Get an MBA be a money retirement manager move to Florida or AZ and make good money off of old folks and live the good life!
i'll just say this: engineering was tough, not sure if i'd do it over again. but i did finish the program, and though i'm not working as an engineer, i've applied many of the concepts i picked up for my current work.

you seem to be overly focused on banging chicks: just be a drug dealer they'll all come crawling to you for rocks.