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Originally Posted by Chriskm3 View Post
I have cv3. With 295s with no issues. But I have experienced another problem. The wheels I was sold in the summer were of et35 offset for the fronts not of what manufacturer recommends. The wheels were ordered from a local wheel shop and installed by them. I was not aware of this until recetly when compared to another m3 with cv3s. I exchanged several emails with vossen without any resolution. I was asked where and when the wheels were bought and that it. No assistance on any side. Quite disappointing.
Chris sorry to hear, Diego filled me in today. Please email me at

Originally Posted by M3_FJ View Post
I'm leaning that this is the distributors mistake and not Vossen's. Id be all over the guys that sold em to you. Yes it would be nice of Vossen to step in and come with some sort of solution being that your car is riding on their product but technically nothing is wrong with the wheels. Meaning not defective or anything like that. If I were Vossen however I might look into this distributor of their product and possibly not allow them to sell their product any longer. But if I were you dude I'd be on the doorstep of the place you got em from.
Thanks. We will be contacting this shop today again.