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Updated List and Date for Spares.

Okay so all the poeple on the list should either have received their tool or be close to it - except maybe the guy in Hawaii!

The updated list is shown below Victor H, Monk, BimmerRob08 and Chibich have all been sent private messages asking if they are still interested they have not yet paid. If I do not hear back from them by Monday I will begin selling the extras. There will be six total I believe. The only fair way to do this is to start a new list for the six spares. I know some people will say well I asked first etc, but keeping track of all that would of been very difficult. Trust me just getting all these pieces shipped out has been logisitically difficult enough. Cross checking names and making sure everybody received a tracking number...Anyway below the list of original people is a list of 6 blank numbers. Please copy just tha list only and post it in a post with your name. If somebody already has the first spot taken...copy theirs and put your name in the number two spot...until they are all filled.

I am going to make some adjustments and if there is enough interest make a second batch but no promises right now. Play nice everybody...thanks TXSTIG

1.)Signes - Paid - Part Has Shipped Out
2.)James 33 - Paid - Paid Part has Shipped Out
3.)SurlynKid -Paid - Part has Shipped Out.
4.)Snig - Paid -Part Has Shipped Out
5.)Elm3 -Paid - Part Has Shipped Out
6.)Italyix - Paid - Part Has Shipped Out
7.)RantarM3 -Paid -Part Has Shipped Out
8.)Victor H
9.) and 10.)Kaiv x 2 - Paid-Parts Have Shipped Out
11.) Monk
13.)Hugehead - Paid - Part Has Shipped Out
15.)W/// - Paid - Part has Shipped out
16.)808MGuy - Paid - Parts Has Shipped Out
17.)DannysM3 -Paid - Part Has Shipped Out
18.)urBan dK - Paid - Part has shipped Out
19.)Leonardo 629 - Paid - Part has Shipped Out
20.)Mike Benvo - Paid - Part Has Shiped Out
21.)Coogs08 - Will meet up for lunch to pickup.
22.)C|3R1C - Paid - Part has Shipped Out
23.)Boost3dM3 -Paid - Part has Shipped Out
24.)Reesy_CSL -Paid - Part has Shipped out
25.) E92zero - Freebie for taking initial measurements will ship 12-06-2012

Second Standby List for the six possible spares: