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Originally Posted by m45 View Post
Here's the steps...

1.) Download the .RAR from kmarei onto your computer.

2.) Extract the .RAR on your computer and put the files onto your 32GB USB drive. There should be a file named "config.nfm" and a folder named "pkgdb" totaling around 22gb. Make sure your USB drive is formatted properly before you load the files onto it. If you're not sure how to do that, Google, "How to format USB drive to FAT32." Your BMW will only recognize a FAT32 formatted drive. Load the file "config.nfm" and folder "pkgdb" onto your properly formatted USB drive.

3.) Get your FSC code. I recommend Sergej, you can email him at *****************. His price is very reasonable, and the turn around is very fast.

4.) Take your USB drive (obviously, with files loaded) and FSC code to your BMW, and start your car (you don't need to fire up the engine). Plug your USB drive into the glove box USB port and wait at least a minute or two for the update prompt to appear. If the prompt doesn't appear after 2 minutes, something went wrong. When the prompt comes up, follow the commands and you are good to go.

5.) Thank all the fine gents on here, especially kmarei for hosting, and enjoy the extra $ you just saved.

6.) Give yourself a high five for being awesome. Just make sure no one sees you.

Hope that helps.

Once I extract the files - do I just drag them to the formatted usb drive?

Is there a certain order that I need to drag the files in?