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Is this still going on? I'd like to get one

Originally Posted by TxStig View Post

Alright guys all parts were received today and checked for quality and fitment this afternoon. Everything looks to be good.

They ended up sending me 27 pieces so I will be able to cover a couple more people price will be $35 shipped.

Please send Paypal to:

Please include your Forum name with the paypal order.

Now I'm not currently setup to keep track of all the people who put their name on the list and cross check against paypal. However I will give the people originally signed up two weeks to send out the paypal. After that any extras will be on a first come first serve basis. If that doesnt sound fair please let me know as I am sure I can work something out. I just cant think of a better way. I obviously have my own money tied up in these things sooooo....

When I receive the paypal I will send a private message to the sender on here to verify they are the right person.

Hope everybody stays honest and waits until I close the first buy before trying to send money through paypal and snag someone elses. I hope to be ordering a bunch more of these soon so please be patient if you didnt get one this time.

Other than that. I will ship out as soon as paypal and shiping address is received and I get a confirmation through private message on here. Tracking number will be sent upon ship.

Thanks Guys! If you have any problems at all let me know. Your feedback is much appreciated!