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Originally Posted by M3SQRD
Originally Posted by NJ 1161 View Post
Ah, that's interesting. Mines a non edc model.

They havnt provided anything thing else related to an edc model.

The shaft is defiantly thicker than standard though.
So did the BC rear dampers come with new mounting bushings and washers with the correct diameter for their rear damper or are you supposed to reuse your stock bushings/washers?

I find it odd that a manufacturer is asking you to take measurements so they can then send you the correct parts If this suspension was developed for the e9x M3 then they should know the differences between EDC and non-EDC mounting dimensions.
Couldn't agree more!

Came with no top mounts?

The original shock looks to be a 10mm Ish shaft and nut as pic on your non edc picture.

The new shaft is approx 15mm

The kit they sent at the second attempt is the right stuff but wrong sizes as all to small,

So,basically the sleeve would need to fit within the oem mount but would need to be big enough to go over the 15mm shaft. The obviously the washers would need to have a 15mm plus hole and the nuts be the appropriate size.

Bc racing are a bit Jekyll and Hyde and go from being narky to nice. They are still telling me the kit is right for an e92 and an e93 m3, but to me that's impossible as the oem shaft is much smaller than that provided, ergo it would never fit with oem parts! The 15mm shaft won't physically fit through the current oem top mount.

They have emailed the manufacturers and are trying to resolve the issue?