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Rear spoiler on my car a good idea?

Hey everyone,
New to the forum here and I wanted to say what a pleasure it has been to search and view through all the excellent threads on this forums. I have learned a lot from all the members here.

I'm a proud new owner of a 2013 white m3 dct model. I have opted for the sunroof instead of the carbon top. My question to everyone is, do you think the CF OEM trunk spoiler would look good on my car being I don't have a carbon roof? I have done much searching and can't find any pics of a spoiler on an m3 that didn't have the CF top.

Personally I think it would look good and add a nice little touch to the car.
Wanted to see what everyone else thinks?

Also how strong can this spoiler be??

I called the dealer and they told me about the OEM glue kit to order. I have read several posts and see many people use 3m tape, which I don't want to use as my car is a lease and heard the link glue is most strong in this case, only need it to last for 3 years as that's how long my lease is for. How strong can the OEM glue be and will this fin stay on for the taking? To me it seems it would be delicate.. Could I even use car washes? Does the dealer provide waranty if it falls off while driving at high speeds? anyone ever have problems in that area that used the OEM glue kit? Any info on all of the above would be great. Thanks all.