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thanks guys.

I'm prob mistaken on the -2.5 camber... I did remove the pins.
Ok, so camber plates then... I was thinking of doing dinan stg 1.
Some drivers told me that on the ring it's prob smart to go with Normal EDC mode as it's too bumpy in sport mode, and makes the car very jumpy. When I was at Spa, sport mode was perfect, but i still had lots of body roll.
The reason i was asking about H&R, is cause a buddy of mine had them, and I rode with him, the car felt A LOT more planted and gave more confidence going into corners.
Turning off MDM, yes I do feel very limited by it, there are some turns where I do want the back to come out more, and some places where there are bumps and I just want the car to feel free to spin a little... it's just that it's my baby, and bad things happen on the ring every day to very experienced drivers, u never know... and having that safety net (MDM) just makes me a bit more comfortable. I do have Euro MDM though.
BBK, oh yes, I would love to have it, lots of money though... plus, I need winter set up on the car, so i'd prob have to go with stock size rotors on BBS (hard to justify).
275 in the front, yes i thought about it, but i would need new set of wheels to fit those (i'm running A7's as my track wheels/winter set up). I'm also affraid that they will rub. My street tires 255/35/19 rub.
Yes, I do know Ralph and Fredy, they are the ones that keep my track tires. They just bought a very nice E46 M3, it's well set up, on semi slicks... They told me the fastest they got it was low 8's.

To be very honest, I saw Megan RS and mini's that were under 8 minutes... so there are some fast guys there, but most of them have well set up cars. Those swifts don't have interiors, have semi slicks, good brakes, full suspension, and full bolt ons... so off course they are much faster than me around the turn.

I've never done a clean lap, always some traffic or accident. Here is a lap i took with my GF, with 40% traffic... it's around 8:20... figure without traffic would be under 8. On stock brakes (60% worn).