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I know i's amazing i wish i had won the sperm lotto!
I live in NJ and go into NYC often to visit friends who live there and for drinks and what not.

On stoner st...the level of $$ just being thrown around by these's a bit sick!
They dont' want to buy cars and have no reason to buy homes so they just spend spend spend on high end everything.

I was with a friend and talking to this one hedge fund manager, asked him how he got into that game...well after a half an hour of BS...turns out his parents left him with just north of $100mill in a trust fun. And with some of that he and another buddy started up a hedge fund.

Oh well...i guess if the revolution in Iran never happend I would be in his shoes and maybe him in mine. But such is life.

But much for chicken egg shells? WOW! Just...WOW!

at least my car gets me from A-B and my parachute stops me from hitting the ground at like 125mph!