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Originally Posted by krnnerdboy View Post
For reference, Just picked up my 07 z06 2lz w/ 20k mi from the original owner. 78 year old owner still on the original tires for $41k yesterday.

I had my cousin drive my m6 back from the deal and we had a couple runs...I put 5 car length on him and still pulling on every single run. My m6 has a cat back, rpi intake and evolve stage 2 tune that pulled 465whp on the eas dyno

This thing is a hoot to drive! And the grip this has, even on the run flat good years is astonishing. First mod will be an lpe canister and off to Laguna seca I go. I haven't been this happy about a car purchase ummm....ever. Good luck on your search!
Sweet! congrats. Once you change the run craps out for Michelin PS you'll be further amazed at the handling.